Ubi. city’s first ecological construction activity: FUSE airdrop and FUSE Chinese community construction!

After some community construction activities, CITY already has a user community that can support the launch test of the contract. Now we will try to build the CITY ecology to provide a basis for the subsequent contract design and optimization.

The ecological construction concept of UBI. city

With the arrival of ETH Layer2 and the subsequent implementation of ETH2.0, the TPS of the blockchain can not only support the transfer of assets, but also connect a large number of human behaviors to the chain and form on-chain value. In our opinion, this is also the value support of social money, and the opportunities of personal tokens and organizational tokens will come along with it.

We believe that in the process of ecological construction, Ubi. city should guide on-chain behaviors around IDO of technology projects in a decentralized organization way, so as to promote the popularization of blockchain technology, and also bringing the value given by the times to the CITY token itself, so that CITY and technology tokens can have the possibility of coordinated development. But it won’t be a quick process. It will require patience and concentration.

This is our first attempt in ecological construction: FUSE airdrop and community construction

Fuse is the first social wallet project that has completed development and opened source (toB). The current market value is about $24 million with Coingecko ranking at 647. It is not hard to find that the wallet application is the main entrance for us to use DeFi protocols such as Uniswap and Pancake. With the combination of social mechanisms, competitive products may emerge in this direction.

Fuse uses the multisig technology solution to support the function of social recovery, and supports developers to create their own social wallets for payment. It is the basic technical facility of the social wallet solution. So, what is a social wallet? Vitalik said that social wallet should be widely applied. Blockchain asset wallets continue to improve their technical solutions for ease of use and security : hardware wallets have a single point of failure and the possibility of supply chain attacks; software wallets have simplified the process from backing up private keys to backing up mnemonics. However, wallets are still easy to lose and cannot be prevented from being stolen; social wallets solve these problems. The social wallet solutions are:

  1. There is a unique “signature private key” for approval of transactions, with the function of adding and deleting “guardians”;
  2. There are at least three or more “guardians” (not required to be public), and most of the “guardians” can change the account signature private key with their cooperation.

Fuse Airdrop

Ubi. city will use a small part of the project operating funds to mine and hold tokens of projects with technical value and low market value (it does not constitute investment advice here, and technical value does not mean corresponding investment value), and use part of the profit as the reward for CITY’s active currency holders. We got some FUSE, and published Fuse’s introduction article on March 11th : “Fuse, a wallet product of the toB route”.

This time, we will take out 13,500 FUSE (worth about 3 ETH) as the first small-scale attempt of UBI. city ecological construction, to incentivize users who actively hold CITY and those who redeem CITY before 00:00 on April 1st. The rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the end of the activity.The following 4 rewards can be obtained repeatedly:

In the on-chain data snapshot at 00:00 on March 20th, addresses holding more than 1000 CITY (BSC and ETH addresses) are valid addresses. The number of FUSE available for each address = 2000 ÷ the number of valid addresses;

In the on-chain data snapshot at 00:00 on April 1st, addresses holding more than 3000 CITY are valid addresses, and the number of FUSE available for each address = 3500 ÷ number of valid addresses.

In the on-chain data snapshot at 00:00 on March 20th, there was a transaction record of buying more than 100 CITY in Uniswap and Pancake, with a balance of more than 100 CITY in the address is a valid address. The number of FUSE for each address could be obtained = 3000 ÷ the number of valid addresses.

In the on-chain data snapshot at 00:00 on April 1st, there was a transaction record of buying more than 200 CITY in Uniswap and Pancake, with a balance of more than 200 CITY in the address is a valid address. The number of FUSE for each address could be obtained = 5000 ÷ the number of valid addresses.

How to distribute the rewards : We will distribute the corresponding 13,500 CFUSE on the BSC, 1:1 anchoring FUSE at the public address, and airdrop the CFUSE to the valid address via the BSC. Users who have got CFUSE can pay the gas fee (approximately $4 to $10) to withdraw CFUSE to the main network in exchange for FUSE; they can also sell it to the UBI.city team at a 10% discount on the real-time price of FUSE to obtain USDT on BSC until April 30th (the withdrawal time is permanent).

Users should pay more attention to the Fuse social wallet solution technology itself, and get more personal social value in the formation of the Fuse community. Since our reward statistics and distribution are manual methods, we can only provide incentives for some CITY holders. After the launch of the CITY contract, ecological activities will be open to more CITY holders!

Fuse Chinese community construction

The Fuse team continues to actively update the development of the project and cooperation , but the Chinese community’s attention to Fuse is still in the early stage. It is hoped that through this event, it will try to build the first Chinese technology-based community for Fuse. The possibility of the wallet solution, the construction of the community was initiated by UBI.city, and then handed over to community members to realize it through autonomy. UBI.city’s proposal and support plan for the formation of the Fuse Chinese community are:

Proposal for the formation of the Fuse Chinese community:

  1. Users who have got CFUSE can become members of the Fuse community. Members who join should own some FUSE or CFUSE.The development of the community is mainly based on quality and supplemented by growth in the number of members;
  2. Fuse community members select 2~3 community managers with technical interpretation ability or community operation ability by themselves. At the same time, community members are eligible to cancel their manager status;
  3. Managers should recognize the technical value of Fuse, should ensure that the incentive system is carried out in a fair and open manner, and can initiate a better Fuse community construction proposal than UBI.city;
  4. Incentive activities can be carried out around content translation, communication with the founding team, writing and publishing articles, attracting high-quality members to join, and holding relevant AMA. Each reward can be composed of FUSE and CITY;
  5. The daily discussion content in the Fuse community should be based on Fuse and DeFi, supplemented by other blockchain projects and token prices. It is recommended to share valuable project information with each other.

UBI.city’s support for the formation of the Fuse community:

  1. In the first month of the formation of the Fuse community, managers can receive a total of 600 FUSE and 600 CITY as manager rewards. The rewards are distributed 4 times at the beginning of each week.
  2. Fuse community managers can submit a simple construction plan. After the plan is passed, the UBI.city team will provide 2,400 FUSE and 2,400 CITY as community construction funding support, and distribute 300 CFUSE+300 and 300 CITY to managers through BSC at the beginning of the week in 8 times,and used by managers for Fuse community construction.

The award support will be launched on April 1st. In case of any negative impact on community construction such as cheating by managers , the UBI. city team reserves the right to withdraw the corresponding event bonus support.

Hopefully, Fuse community construction will achieve several goals:

  1. Popularize blockchain technology
  2. Enhance community awareness of Fuse and UBI.city
  3. Managers can use this opportunity to build their own social value
  4. Members have efficient access to get high — quality information

Protocol layer of the future organization.